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The beginnings of Turn N Sew……I grew up watching my very talented crafty mother work on projects and creating the most beautiful items; curtains, clothing, furniture, bear ornaments. You name it, she could do it. I decided that at least a fraction of her talents should have been passed down to me so I decided I was going to learn how to sew.
After attending a few baby showers and birthday parties and having a hard time figuring out what store-bought item could be useful or wanted, I came across the pattern for the bears and bunnies. I decided to put the fraction of talent that was passed down to me to use.   So, I started making gifts that would be special and grow up with the child.
I have enjoyed making every one of the bunnies and bears that I have created. Each one is a little different but they all have received a big smile and even earned a few happy tears when opened at a party.
With every stitch sewn, I hope a bond of friendship is created between bunny/bear and its new family!

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